New Labour Code of Lithuania – summary of main changes

The new Labour Code of Lithuania (the new LC) comes into force on 1 January 2017.

It should bring more flexibility into employment relations: new types of employment contracts, more contractual freedom with personnel of higher income, easier regulatory regime for small companies, better variety of working time regimes, more options of employment termination etc.

On the other hand, legal requirements are becoming more complex. Companies have to adopt new mandatory policies. Employee salary guarantees will increase. Procedures of employment termination will be under stricter conditions. Protection of employee’s privacy and work and life balance is introduced. Many companies will have to establish mandatory works councils.

Venckute&Karnickas has prepared the summary of the new LC which can be found here.

Advice to the employer

  • Consider possibilities provided by the new LC, especially different types of employment contracts and working time regimes
  • Revise your employment contracts along with other contractual documents and make sure they include legal solutions benefiting both business and employees
  • Review and update your company policies complying with new mandatory requirements
  • Update your legal knowledge in HR field

Venckute&Karnickas law firm will help you in preparing for changes brought by the new LC:

  • We draft tailored HR documents with innovative solutions
  • We advise how to use the new LC for the best of your business needs
  • We provide solutions on preventing new and old legal risks in employment relations


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